Training on Mobile App Penetration Testing

Training on Mobile App Pen Testing

Eon IT Mobile App Security Assessment is a 5 days hands on course aimed to give you the knowledge, skills and experience to understand the security aspects in Apple iOS, Android, and wearable devices including Apple Watch and Android Wear. This course is carefully designed by Information Security Practitioners and will look in-depth into all aspects of mobile security. It will cover basics and theory and will go all the way up to writing scripts to attack mobile apps.

With real world examples security breaches either of the smartphone security framework or by 3rd party applications, we will walk through all the practical dimensions to harden Mobile Apps. The course aim to provide you the practical knowledge to evaluate the security posture of any mobile app, built-in or third party applications. This training focuses on the latest hacking attacks targeted to mobile platform like iOS and Android and covers countermeasures to secure mobile infrastructure. Participants will learn how attackers break into mobile applications to obtain sensitive data information and how to secure them against variety of security threats.

The course You’ll learn how to bypass platform encryption, and how to manipulate Android apps to circumvent obfuscation techniques. You’ll leverage automated and manual mobile application analysis tools to identify deficiencies in mobile app network traffic, file system storage, and inter-app communication channels. You’ll safely work with mobile malware samples to understand the data exposure and access threats affecting Android and iOS devices, and you’ll exploit lost or stolen devices to harvest sensitive mobile application data.


Course Outline

Day 1 – Mobile App Security Overview
Day 2 – PenTesting Android
Day 3 – PenTesting Android Cont.
Day 4 – PenTesting iOS
Day 5 – PenTesting iOS Cont.

Attendees will receive

  • Training material: copy of the presenter’s slides
  • Virtual Machines with hands-on exercises and Mobile App Security Assessment tools
  • Hacking toolkit
  • Practice Virtual Machines

Prerequisites for training

  • Basic knowledge Information Security
  • Laptop with Linux installed either in VM or native, Kali or Ubuntu
  • Vbox or VM player to run VMs to be given in the course



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