Cyber COIVD Response

COVID has changed the thread landscape drastically. The sudden pivot to remote working has left many organizations exposed to cybercriminals, thus made it critical for businesses to reassess their risk profile. Cybercriminals around the world are undisputedly taking advantage of this situation, as the current perimeter defence, set by the cybersecurity specialist has fallen into pieces. COVID 19 can easily be called as the biggest business continuity challenge of all time and it needs a radical overhaul in the security practices to ensure uninterpreted business.

Cybersecurity Assessment for COVID Readiness

Why do you need it ?


The sudden spike in the use of unmanaged devices


End-user awareness level is not up to the mark


Personal home networks were never a part of enterprise security


The layered cybersecurity defence is scrambling to meet the new business requirements


Hackers are ready to take advantage of an unprepared workforce


Time to response is critical – Its vital to respond rapidly to set the new perimeter defence


How Eon IT can help

How to be Covid ready?

Eon IT

Cyber COVID Response Assessment

COVID has unprecedentedly pivoted businesses to remote working, which has weakened the layered enterprise defence considerably. Eon IT cyber COIVD response assessment takes a pragmatic approach to identify the loopholes in the business processes that may lead to data-loss or exposed enterprises to bad actors. We assess how exactly cybersecurity has embedded in the remote working processes and what measures are taken to ensure the data protection in the newly increased attack surface.


End-User Training

Cybercriminals are taking full advantage of the situation due to Covid with a huge range of scams, including phishing campaigns and ransomware. End-user, who up until now was protected by layered enterprise security, is now fully exposed. Home networks are not strong enough to filter these attacks, and the first line of defence is weaker than ever. Eon IT short and simple end-user awareness course is designed to equip users with the necessary knowledge to remain vigilant and protect themselves against the merciless cyber attacks. The course can also be tailored to incorporate our operational security requirements and can be delivered as an online instructor-led or self-paced via our LMS solution.

Eon IT Training

Social Engineering

Bad actors are undisputedly taking advantage of the COVID situation. In recent weeks, we have seen an increase in the number of social engineering attacks made to businesses as cybercriminals take full advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The only defence against these horrific attacks is awareness.

Eon IT will assess your employees/contractors for their ability to detect and protect against social engineering types of attacks. We strategies to launch highly customize attacks, tailored to your organization size and type to help you improve your workforce’s awareness of cybersecurity. Among the techniques we use, online impersonation and phone calls are the most successful exploits to assess your employees' readiness against these attacks.



Penetration Testing

Eon IT Penetration Testing is designed to help you evaluate the health of your overall organization cybersecurity posture. We determine the ramifications of each compromise by attempting to escalate privileges on the entry points and pivoting the assessment to determine whether any other systems can be subsequently targeted and breached.
If you have taken the necessary measures to be Cyber COVID Complaint, then this test will help you assure that the organization is tightly secured and there is no chance for any unauthorized entry.

Eon IT
business continuity

Business Continuity Plan Assessment

COVID-19 is probably the biggest business continuity challenge we have seen in many decades. Lockdowns and other imposed restrictions forced businesses to drastically change the way they operate and continue to service customers and deliver products.
With this service, Eon IT will assess the design, implementation and maintenance of your business continuity strategies to help your business cope with disaster, disruption and downtime.

Eon is an IASME trained and licensed Certification Body authorised to conduct the assessments for Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance. With cyber threats increasing in both volume and sophistication, Cyber Essentials, and IASME Governance demonstrates that Eon IT has introduced proven cybersecurity and information assurance controls that help protect against a range of the most common internet-based cyber threats. The certification has been awarded through the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Essentials Partner, the IASME Consortium.

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