Telecom Security Assessment

Eon IT Telecom Security Assessment assess the risk on the telecom network which may leads to loss of customer information, availability of Telecom Services. Telecom security is often misunderstood and ignored, however in reality a telecom security breach may leads to a larger consequences then core IT. Eon IT works with telecoms to assess the current level of risk on their core telecom network which may leads to loss of important customer information, availability of Telecom Services and sometime national security.

We have a number of telecom security services including penetration testing of SS7 and SIGTRAN, Telecom components configuration review, security analysis of SS7 Interconnect, 3G protocol and configuration security audit and Telecom Network Elements vulnerability analysis. Our services further include Telecom product analysis, SS7 external information gathering, SMS / MMS fraud audit, SIM & AuC leakage audit, Management & OAM attacks, VAS and IN services analysis.

We work with organizations (Telecom Companies) to check the configuration security of a specific Network Element and to inspect a specific instance of an HSS, a Diameter Agent, a MME, a MSC or a STP. We make sure we provide a holistic view of your telecom network from the perspective of security, performance, availability, integrality and confidentiality.


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