Security Awareness

Information Security Awareness – SAFE is a combination of activities, exercises, and scenario based learning. The LMS is loaded with important videos and exercises to access the level of learning. nformation Security Awareness for Everyone – SAFE is the program designed to help organization creating a culture of information security. SAFE is just not a classroom based session but an end to end information security campaign which aims to deliver different information security message via different channel and methods. SAFE Helps organization building up a well informed and secure culture. SAFE aims to deliver the message in a best fit combination of hard copy and soft copy; it focuses on learning and training and to make it compulsory for everyone to be fully informed about the concepts of information security to protect organizations most important asset, “The Information”. We are the believers of scenario based learning. We have made sure to incorporate common information security scenarios to make the learning fun and engaging. All results of all questions asked are saved in our LMS to provide management an executive dashboard of the learning in progress.