Mobile Network Risk Assessment

Mobile Network Risk Assessment would evaluate the overall risk on the mobile network for a specific operator. The constant Shift in Industry and changing business requirements often makes it difficult to apply GRC on the core mobile network. These changes most recently includes New Digital Services, Quick Turnaround Time, New Business Models; Cloud, 5G, NFV, Open RAN, Containerization etc; and Improved Monitoring, Collaboration and Establishment of Minimum Baseline Security Controls, Driving Data Privacy.

Eon IT proposes an organisation-centric, enterprise-wide approach Telecom Security Enterprise Framework to secure Mobile Network Operators. It is a framework that allows Mobile Network Operators to have 360 security degree control over front, middle and back offices while focusing on meeting customer expectations. It helps Operators,

  • To understand and develop their security posture
  • Outlines specific security controls operators should consider deploying
  • Defines security objectives and describes how the solution meets the objectives
  • It contains a checklist of questions to capture security posture & identify gaps
  • In addition to business controls, it covers 13 domains

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