Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme to helps businesses safeguard themselves against the growing threat of cyber attacks. This make sure that your organization is tightly secured and there is less chance for any unauthorized entry. This shows your commitement to protect yours and your customer critical business information.

Cyber Essential

Why do you need it ? Why Eon IT ?


A token of your commitment to Information Security for your customer.


Ensure a tigher controls for your organisation’s cyber security.


Ensure a tigher controls for your organisation’s cyber security.


We follow and proven and practical approach to get things done for you.


We offer unlimited support to guide you throughout the process.


No unpleasant surprises, no hidden cost. You would know exactly what and where you would be spending.

Protect against 80% of the threats with Cyber Essentials

Take a simple and cost-effective step to adopt a UK government-backed scheme to safeguard your businesses.

Pragmatic Approach towards Security

Eon IT is the comprehensive pure-play information security company with a very exclusive skill set in information security professional services, solution deployment and training. Eon IT enables clients to identify and manage information security-related business risks. We deliver actionable, accurate assessments that produce tangible security improvements. Eon IT certified and extremely talented consultants have the necessary expertise to determine what is really needed to protect your organizations against cyber threats and network intrusions. Our consultants and security experts are helping organizations ensuring that their network and critical IT assets are protected, and that their staff is fully equipped to address external and internal threats.

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